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Josh & Maria Krenz, showing their registered Shetland Sheep at the Michigan Fiber Festival.

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Founded in 2007, the Windland Flats™ home farm provides food, fiber and fun to its residents, as well as our customers in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota community.  Whether it's our mouth watering Scottish Highland Grass Fed Beef; our Shetland Sheep Breeding Stock or Wool; our Free Range Chicken Eggs and Frozen Chicken; our Bantam Calico Cochin and Black Copper Maran breeding stock; or the many sights and sounds the ranch provides; you're sure to find what you are looking for at this Minnesota Farm just a short drive from the Twin Cities.

Our goal started out as a hobby and a means to feed ourselves.  However, as the years have past and our hay bills have expanded, we've ventured out to feed the community around us as well.  

For those of you who haven't been to the Windland Flats™ home farm, we hope this site will provide an in depth look into our passion for our animals.  With over 10 years of university education in animal science between the two of us, combined with our own farm experience, we know that our animals are well-taken care of.  And, yes, at times, even a bit spoiled.  

Founded in 2007, Windland Flats™ started has a single farm, the home farm, but has grown to represent a team of farms in Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.   This small group of farms have joined together to provide local Twin Cities families with the best option for quality, healthy, grass fed, Scottish Highland beef as well as free-range chickens and eggs.  

By working together, our Windland Flats™ member farms offer you a year-round supply of flavorful, healthy, local and natural products.   One single small farm by itself does not have the capacity to have products available year-round.  When farmers join together as part of Windland Flats™, customers win because you always have access to great products without having to call around to several farms.  Our farmers win because they can concentrate on providing the best without being pressured to produce higher quantities to meet demand.

About Us

Join Windland Flats™. If you are a small farm and would like to discuss joining the Windland Flats™ member farms, email us today.  Franchising also available in other metropolitan areas.Type your paragraph here.Type your paragraph here.

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All Windland Flats™ family farms maintain a high standard of animal care and husbandry.   Our farms believe in raising a quality product to share with your family, while implementing sustainable practices to help the next generation.