BluffCountry Meeka
NASSA#:S32413               Flock Tag:MN381005
Sex: Ewe                          DOB: June 28, 2010, Twin    
Color: Black                      Markings: Smirslet
Fleece Quality 
2011: Mic Ave: 22.4   SD:  5.9  CV Mic: 26.4  CF%: 88.8%  
2012: Mic Ave: 21.3   SD:  6.3  CV Mic: 29.6  CF%: 87.1%  
2013: Mic Ave: 26.5   SD:  7.1  CV Mic: 26.9  CF%: 68.8% 
2014: Mic Ave: 28.1   SD:  8.0  CV Mic: 28.6  CF%: 65.1%

2015: Mic Ave: 27.0   SD:  7.0  CV Mic: 25.8 CF%: 71.9%

AnnasFluff Fuchia
NASSA#:S36605                        Flock Tag: IN330505
Sex: Ewe                                  DOB: Sept 4, 2012, Single  
Color: Grey                              Markings: Gulmoget
Dam: Little Eagle Halite            Sire: Bramble Higgins
2014: Mic Ave: 30.3   SD: 6.7 CV Mic: 22.0  CF%: 51.9% 

2015: Mic Ave: 35.2   SD: 7.5 CV Mic: 21.3  CF%: 24.4%

Little Eagle Lemon
NASSA#:S34979                      Flock Tag: IN33-0326
Sex: Ewe                                  DOB: March 8, 2012, Single
Color: Moorit                            Markings: Flecket
Dam: Little Eagle Christine       Sire: Bramble Higgins
2014: Mic Ave: 26.8   SD: 5.5  CV Mic: 20.4  CF%: 76.9% 

2015: Mic Ave: 30.0   SD: 6.3  CV Mic: 20.9  CF%: 56.4%

Registered Shetland Sheep. Quality Wool.

We specialize in Shetland Sheep with a spotted color pattern, while still breeding for all of the other breed standards and characteristics that Shetland Sheep are known for, including their small size frame, great fleece quality and their hardy nature.  Our registered herd is small, but we are building strong genetics into the herd for the future.  

We also send our fleece to Texas A&M for quality and strength testing.  This also helps us for phenotype selection in our genetic program.  Our Shetland Sheep are the perfect size for handling, making shearing easy every spring.  We also take the time to halter break our sheep and spend plenty of extra time with them when they are younger to prevent them from becoming flighty.  All of our sheep are calm and easy to handle.  And just like the Scottish Highland Cattle, our sheep have a favorite snack as well - animal crackers.  Is it wrong to feed animal crackers to animals?  Our sheep don't think so, they love the sweet little snacks.

Our Sheep Are Famous
Visit Maks at the Minnesota Zoo.  Maks was our flock ram in 2010, but we sold him to the Minnesota Zoo because their ram passed away after 10 years.  Be sure to go see Maks and post pictures of him to our Facebook page.

Show Quality Sheep
Shetland Sheep Shows attended: Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, Michigan Fiber Festival, and the Indiana State Fair.

Congratulations to the Fulks Family who purchased Wynn from us and then showed her at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, KY.   Wynn won the Best Fleece on Hoof at the 2013 NAILE Shetland show.

Midsummer Echo
NASSA#:S38960                      Flock Tag: IN33-0397
Sex: Ewe                                  DOB: April 28, 2014, Twin 
Color: Black/White                    Markings: Fleeket
Dam: Emmas Creek Silver       Sire: Emmas Creek Hamlet
Fleece Quality 
2014: Mic Ave: 26.3   SD: 6.6  CV Mic: 25.0 CF%:74.4
2015: Mic Ave: 32.3   SD: 7.9  CV Mic: 24.4 CF%: 44.8% 

AnnasFluff Ginkgo
NASSA#: S37107                           Flock Tag: IN33-0375
Sex: Ram                                        DOB: April 13, 2013, Twin  
Color: Moorit                                   Markings: Flecket, Yuglet
2014: Mic Ave: 20.4   SD:  6.2 CV Mic: 30.3  CF%: 91.0%

2015: Mic Ave: 28.3   SD:  7.6 CV Mic: 27.0  CF%: 67.9%

Windflats Nova
NASSA#:S39604               Flock Tag:MN42142-0138
Sex: Ewe                           DOB: May 11, 2014, Twin    
Color: Black                       Markings: Smirslet
Fleece Quality 
2014: Mic Ave: 28.3   SD: 5.0 CV Mic: 21.3  CF%:91.4%

2015: Mic Ave: 23.5   SD: 4.9 CV Mic: 17.3  CF%:70.9%