Welcome to Windland Flats™.  We are made up of several farms in the greater Twin Cities metro in Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota.  It all started on our home farm, which is 30 acres of pasture, where our herd of Scottish Highland Cattle, Shetland Sheep, Laying Hens, Quarter Horses and Cats live.  Please take some time and get-to-know the furry animals that make our farm unique and the partnerships that make our farms a sustainable choice for your family.   Download our brochure.

Local Farm. Quality Food, Fiber & Friends.

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Shetland Sheep & Grassfed Lamb


Windland Flats' Registered Shetland Sheep and 100% grassfed lamb are farm-raised.

Highland Grassfed Beef


Our 100% Highland Cattle, 100% Grassfed beef is local, healthy, flavorful, natural and leaner.